Bet on the winning sports touts

The sports tout industry is getting popular nowadays, but not all sports enthusiasts know everything about this business. Instead of betting for himself, a tout earns money by providing the winning bet selection to a bettor. These game advisers prefer to recommend a bet rather than to bet by themselves since the latter is an absolute financial risk.

One's advantage in this game is quite small because losing is part of it. In fact, an expert sports handicapper can also fail. Thus, having multiple stakes is advisable to increase the chance of winning and prevent losing all the money. It means that a large capital is also necessary. This is one of the many reasons why a skilled handicapper chooses to sell his selections to others.

Marketing a sports pick does not always guarantee to gain a big percentage. The truth is that an expert handicapper's long-term win fraction falls just between 55 to 60 percent. There is no sport service that exceeds 60 percent on a season.

Unfortunately, there are self-declared talented touts who manage to boast their fake 80 percent win rate. Their strategy is to build numerous services in one service. For example, after betting all his games on one side, a handicapper switches sides on some of his games during the week. With this, it is possible to brag that at least one of his services has a great win rate.

Regardless of all these facts, clients still unwisely select those sports pickers bragging to get 75 to 80 percent. If this self-declared expert tout's claim is true that he can win 80 out of 100 bets, he can make $15 billion from $1,000 within a season, which is obviously impossible.

A versatile and mobile sports picker gladly accepts not only the well-funded but also the financially challenged clients. Some sports touts actually favor the latter kind of bettor, who does not chase long hauls which usually come with dropping streaks. However, under-financed customers might not profit during a losing season. No handicapper, even those who caters well-funded clients, can assure that he can come ahead of NBA or NFL season.

Losing money on a bet is, sometimes, not the sports tout's fault but the client's. There are incidents when a bettor does not completely follow the tout's advice. One example is betting on the end of the week instead of getting the advantage of early-week lines. Although the sports picker suggested accessing the early-week line, some bettors still believe that interpreting the betting public during the late-week lines really works. Another example is when a client craves for more action even if the tout already warned him which dates are the bad investments.

In the end, a sports enthusiasts should trust and cooperate with the touts who are honest enough to show and explain the real winning chances in a betting game.